Country Specific Updates

USA Updates with Filtration (Layout 1)

[covid19-country-updates country=USA country_list=1 layout=1 label=”USA Covid19 Data” colors=”#023E73,#F91C02″]

Pakistan Updates with Filtration (Layout 1)

[covid19-country-updates country=Pakistan country_list=1 layout=1 label=”Pakistan Covid19 Data” colors=”#067601,#10EE06″]

Japan Updates with Filtration (Light Mode Layout 1)

[covid19-country-updates country=Japan country_list=1 layout=1 label=”Japan Covid19 Data” mode=”light”]

Italy Updates without Filtration (Layout 2)

[covid19-country-updates country=Italy country_list=0 layout=2 label=”Italy Covid19 Data” colors=”#F21806 ,#0CCB97 “]

Germany Updates with Filtration (Layout 2)

[covid19-country-updates country=Germany country_list=1 layout=2 label=”Germany Covid19 Data” colors=”#EE1604 ,#070707″]

France Updates without Filtration (Layout 3)

[covid19-country-updates country=France country_list=0 layout=3 label=”France Covid19 Data” colors=”#d80027,#0052b4″]

France Updates without Filtration (Light Mode Layout 3)

[covid19-country-updates country=France country_list=0 layout=3 label=”France Covid19 Data” mode=”light”]

United Kingdom Updates without Filtration (Dark Layout 1)

[covid19-country-updates country=UK country_list=0 layout=1 label=”United Kingdom Covid19 Data” mode=”dark”]

China Updates without Filtration (Dark Layout 2)

[covid19-country-updates country=china country_list=0 layout=2 label=”China Covid19 Data” mode=”dark”]

Turkey Updates without Filtration (Dark Layout 3)

[covid19-country-updates country=Turkey country_list=0 layout=3 label=”Turkey Covid19 Data” mode=”dark”]