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All Cricket Leagues and corresponding ids

All Cricket Leagues and corresponding ids


Name ID Short Code
Guernsey Women tour of Jersey, 2021 2012 [league-fixtures tournament=2012]
New Zealand tour of Pakistan, 2021 2030 [league-fixtures tournament=2030]
Women's National Cricket League, 2021/22 2019 [league-fixtures tournament=2019]
England tour of Pakistan, 2021 1790 [league-fixtures tournament=1790]
England Women tour of Pakistan, 2021 1817 [league-fixtures tournament=1817]
Afghanistan tour of Australia, 2021 1958 [league-fixtures tournament=1958]
Big Bash League, 2021/22 2010 [league-fixtures tournament=2010]
England tour of Australia, 2021/22 1957 [league-fixtures tournament=1957]
England Women tour of Australia, 2022 1960 [league-fixtures tournament=1960]
England tour of West Indies, 2022 1893 [league-fixtures tournament=1893]

On going

Name ID Short Code
ICC World Twenty20, 2021 2050 [league-fixtures tournament=2050]
ICC World Twenty20 Asia A Qualifier, 2021 2150 [league-fixtures tournament=2150]
Women's Big Bash League, 2021 2004 [league-fixtures tournament=2004]
Marsh One Day Cup, 2021/22 2017 [league-fixtures tournament=2017]
Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, 2021 2088 [league-fixtures tournament=2088]
Hong Kong Women's Premier League T20, 2021/22 2109 [league-fixtures tournament=2109]
Plunket Shield, 2021/22 2118 [league-fixtures tournament=2118]
Hong Kong Premier League One-Day Tournament, 2021 2137 [league-fixtures tournament=2137]
Ghazi Amanullah Khan Regional One Day Tournament, 2021 2144 [league-fixtures tournament=2144]
National Cricket League, 2021/22 2149 [league-fixtures tournament=2149]


Name ID Short Code
Gibraltar tour of Malta, 2021 2131 [league-fixtures tournament=2131]
ICC Women's World Twenty20 Americas Qualifier, 2021 2143 [league-fixtures tournament=2143]
Sierra Leone tour of Nigeria, 2021 2148 [league-fixtures tournament=2148]
Bangladesh Under-19 tour of Sri Lanka, 2021 2136 [league-fixtures tournament=2136]
Valletta Cup, 2021 2130 [league-fixtures tournament=2130]
CSA Provincial T20 Cup, 2021 2101 [league-fixtures tournament=2101]
ICC World Twenty20 Africa Qualifier, 2021 2142 [league-fixtures tournament=2142]
VCA T20 Tournament, 2021 2115 [league-fixtures tournament=2115]
ICC World Twenty20 Europe Qualifier, 2021 2132 [league-fixtures tournament=2132]
ICC World Twenty20 Warm-up Matches, 2021 2119 [league-fixtures tournament=2119]

once you load All Matches click on any match and get match id and put [match match_id= any match id] i-e [match match_id= ctsq12112019193334] will load Sylhet Thunder vs Chattogram Challengers

Please Note: Match short code applies to all leagues and league table updated when new league started..

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