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All Cricket Leagues and corresponding ids

All Cricket Leagues and corresponding ids


Name ID Short Code
New Zealand tour of Australia, 2022 1959 [league-fixtures tournament=1959]
West Indies tour of India, 2022 2106 [league-fixtures tournament=2106]
India Women tour of New Zealand, 2022 2196 [league-fixtures tournament=2196]
Sri Lanka tour of Australia, 2022 1961 [league-fixtures tournament=1961]
South Africa tour of New Zealand, 2022 2197 [league-fixtures tournament=2197]
Pakistan Cup, 2022 2086 [league-fixtures tournament=2086]
Sri Lanka tour of India, 2022 2107 [league-fixtures tournament=2107]
England in West Indies, Tour Match, 2022 1894 [league-fixtures tournament=1894]
Australia tour of Pakistan, 2022 2191 [league-fixtures tournament=2191]
ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, 2022 1803 [league-fixtures tournament=1803]

On going

Name ID Short Code
England tour of West Indies, 2022 1893 [league-fixtures tournament=1893]
England Women tour of Australia, 2022 1960 [league-fixtures tournament=1960]
West Indies Women tour of South Africa, 2022 2155 [league-fixtures tournament=2155]
Women's National Cricket League, 2021/22 2019 [league-fixtures tournament=2019]
England Women A tour of Australia, 2022 2020 [league-fixtures tournament=2020]
4-Day Franchise Series, 2021/22 2103 [league-fixtures tournament=2103]
The Ford Trophy, 2021/22 2117 [league-fixtures tournament=2117]
Hallyburton Johnstone Shield, 2021/22 2116 [league-fixtures tournament=2116]
Plunket Shield, 2021/22 2118 [league-fixtures tournament=2118]
Dream11 Super Smash 2021/22 2172 [league-fixtures tournament=2172]


Name ID Short Code
Ireland tour of West Indies, 2022 2224 [league-fixtures tournament=2224]
England tour of Australia, 2021/22 1957 [league-fixtures tournament=1957]
Bangladesh Cricket League, 2022 2248 [league-fixtures tournament=2248]
Bangladesh Cricket League, 2021/22 2232 [league-fixtures tournament=2232]
Bangladesh tour of New Zealand, 2022 2195 [league-fixtures tournament=2195]
Oman D20 League, 2021/22 2231 [league-fixtures tournament=2231]
South Africa Under-19 tour of West Indies 2021/22 2236 [league-fixtures tournament=2236]
Ireland tour of USA, 2021 2193 [league-fixtures tournament=2193]
ACC U-19 Asia Cup, 2021 2229 [league-fixtures tournament=2229]
Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, 2021 2088 [league-fixtures tournament=2088]

once you load All Matches click on any match and get match id and put [match match_id= any match id] i-e [match match_id= ctsq12112019193334] will load Sylhet Thunder vs Chattogram Challengers

Please Note: Match short code applies to all leagues and league table updated when new league started..

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